Twitter Marraige Proposal

No, no, no, not to me, but it happened! I think it’s a first too! Not the most traditional romantic way to propose. But definitely a geeky romantic way to propose! This put a smile on my face from ear to ear and I had to share it with everyone. Spread the good news!

Here is the proposal:

markdavidson: @DaisyAvenue Will you marry me? Please DM me with your response. Thank you.

For those of you not members of the community, DM stands for Direct Message. So we weren’t privy to her response, but it looks like it was a yes from the following twitters (note~ FB stands for, IM stands for Instant Message):

DaisyAvenue @jeanettejoy Yerp- we met on Twitter, added each other on FB, courted on IM first, then phone. Love at first sight when we met finally. 🙂

DaisyAvenue EMAIL: Mark said on Facebook that you two are engaged. We need you to confirm that you are, in fact, engaged to Mark. To confirm…

DaisyAvenue @jfritsche Thanks so much! @markdavidson just changed his FB profile to say engaged and it is making me confirm LOL!!

DaisyAvenue Ques. just in: Celebrating your engagement. Wondering since you met him online and he proposed online does your ring come from online too?

DaisyAvenue Answer: @markdavidson says that the ring is on its way from Amazon. Zappos doesn’t sell rings. Yet.

Their friends react:

jpostman @QueenofSpain @markdavidson proposed to @daisyavenue and she accepted

GreenSmith @DaisyAvenue N E R D S! Sending tweetulations….

jpostman @DaisyAvenue @markdavidson love you guys, congratulations!

mousewords @DaisyAvenue I’m totally presuming there will be a designated Twitterer during the wedding ceremony. 😉

jpostman @mousewords Will you be seated on the following or followers side of the aisle?

Some were not so kind:


But me? I believe in love, I believe in romance. And the happy couple?

DaisyAvenue @GreenSmith TY!! We are so nerdy that not only was the proposal & answer here but we both bet on Twitter not getting our tweets out right!

DaisyAvenue What does a newly engaged couple do? Come home, go thru Summize, fav the reactions and beam at each other. 🙂 And what a reaction!

DaisyAvenue BTW- Love does drive traffic. 46 new followers just since @markdavidson proposed to me. Does that mean that you will all be at the wedding?

Love, love, love! It comes it all types, shapes and sizes, doesn’t it? Congratulations @DaisyAvenue and @markdavidson. I wish you both every happiness! From, @lauralovesart.

In a sidenote I received a message from @markdavidson about my blog:

markdavidson @lauralovesart Thank you very much and thank you for the blog post. We’re saving that one to a flash stick. 🙂

correction :
markdavidson Re-blurbed:… (Actually @kosso and @01000101 were engaged almost a full year ahead of us.

1000101 replied ~ @markdavidson WHOA! You’re engaged?!!! Congrats! No @kosso didn’t propose to me via twitter – we “met” on twitter 🙂

P.S. I LOVE comments!

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  1. My husband and I met in an AOL chat room and it’s been ten years of wedded bliss this July 4th.

  2. That’s great! This just goes to show you that you never know how or when you’ll ‘meet’ that special someone. I wonder if a catchy Twitter phrase has been created for an occasion such as this…

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  4. Hmmm…I’m single…Should I twitter that I’m available?


  5. My boyfriend (@korym) and I met on Twitter, as well. Our followers have shared in every part of our relationship; from flirting, to meeting at a tweetup, and through our courtship. We have discussed a twitter proposal, but only time will tell what he ends up doing! Mazel tov!

  6. Wonder what ever became of these two crazy kids, anyone have an update?

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