Gum: a Lethal Weapon

Gum Cut

Is gum dangerous? I never thought so, until today. Driving back to work after my lunch break I decided to freshen my breath WHILE whitening my teeth with some Orbit White spearmint gum. I grabbed the pack, popped out two pieces and slit my baby finger, my little finger, my pinky! It actually produced a drop of blood as you can see in the picture above (taken with my cell phone).

So beware, gum CAN be dangerous! The next time you chew, have a clue!

P.S. I LOVE blog comments!

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  1. Dang! Beware of gum packs biting the pinky’s!! That’s just not right! (great nails, btw!) *hugs* Hope it feels better soon. 😉

  2. That sounds dangerous! Two pieces of Orbit White spearmint? Maybe a little pinch of flavored snuff would be a bit safer! lol

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