Congress Twitters!

Speaker of the House...Image by Getty Images via Daylife

Congress Twitters! Is that amazing or what?  Our government is twittering! 

“Congressional debates on the House floor? So 2007 (or 1787 for that matter). Earlier this month, Congress witnessed its first Twitter debate, when Speaker Pelosi’s 30 Something Working Group Member Rep. Tim Ryan (@timryan) challenged Rep. John Culberson to a Twitter-off. The Congressmen used Twitter, the micro-blogging site that lets users post 140 character status updates, for a real-time debate from the House floor about gas prices, oil drilling, and extending unemployment insurance for Americans looking for work” (Nancy Pelosi’s newsletter)

What will be next? Will the new President Twitter? Barrack Obama does already! Or maybe it’s someone on his staff, but his name does post regular Twitter updates. Social media is joining the big time! woo!

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UPDATE:  Since I wrote this piece I have seen multiple articles about this including a site collecting support to let Congress Twitter:  http://letourcongresstweet…..  Of course I am now a member!

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  1. This will be interesting but honestly as a former Hill worker I am not to sure how much time Congressional Staff may invest in using twitter but I know they do use their websites.

    More social media savvynes is needed in the offices but then again your time is consumed dealing with constituents who ask you some bizarre questions and then you have to either send a form letter or do a lot of research on some obscure topics.

    Who knows though? I have hope. I think that with @BarackObama started something GREAT!

  2. I’ve chatted w/ Culberson from time to time. I wish MORE of those Capitol Hill bastards would use twitter, or something like it b/c frankly they have NO idea what the real world is all about. Just sayin’. 😉

  3. How much fun would a twitter debate be!

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