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1. tessa aka @NotAMeanGirl

2. @sendchocolate

3. Jane aka @JanePorricelli

4. http://www.notsoblonde.com/

5. Jessica

6. Megan

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Six Random Things About Me (aka @lauralovesart):

1. I was adopted, it was pre-arranged before I was born.

2. The boy I was in love with in high school was killed in a car crash when I was in 11th grade. He looked a LOT like Brad Pitt.

3. I dance and teach Polynesian dance, well I used to.

4. My favorite type of art is Pre-Raphaelite. My favorite artist is John William Waterhouse.

5. Pink is my favorite color and I collect unusual things in pink, I also collect cookbooks.

6. I own a lot of antiques because my mom used to own an antique store.

MySpace Haiku

email ~ new blog post
friend requests ~ always new bands
hey comment me back

Twitter Haiku

hear the birds twitter
in the trees, on the screen too
whales ride through the sky

Plurk Haiku

words on the bright screen
showing all the wide worlds thoughts
connected we plurk

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