Keep to the Right People!

get out of the way!  move to the right and park!Rrrrr! Rrrrrr! Rrrrrrrr! You hear the emergency vehicle noise and you move over to the right and stop. Well that’s what you are supposed to do, but last night as I drove home from Barnes and Nobles not everyone was with the program. All the cars in the right lane where I was pulled over to the right and stopped, but three cars in the left lane pulled to the left and stopped! I was rather incredulous and I’m quite sure the ambulance driver felt the same. The ambulance with sirens screaming had room to go through the middle, but I think he was so annoyed at their lack of protocol that he stopped behind them and waited for them to get a clue and finally move to the right.

Just a reminder, remember and follow your safety rules people! If you hear emergency vehicle sirens, move the the right and park.

Be warned! Next time I’m taking pictures!

Photo credit for the emergency vehicle above goes to my dear friend, the extremely talented photographer – Photos © Frank Lazeski