I said NO

So, I turned down the job offer for a couple of reasons. The money might have been comparable…but…she might have expected a lot of me for that. Also, I felt really proud to work at Julia’s Kitchen at Copia. I really wouldn’t feel proud to tell people where I worked if I worked there, not that it’s a bad place or anything. It just would feel like a step backwards to me. There’s a big difference between fine dining and sushi.

I had planned to go out job hunting in Napa again today, but I am really low on funds and can’t afford the gas money. Sad. It’s up to $4.19 at the Bonfare gas station on the corner. I should have my monthly fsusd auto deposit on this coming Saturday, May 31st. That is all supposed to go to bills that come out of the account automatically. I really am not sure exactly when I’ll get my first unemployment check. So, I must be careful, and as hard as it is I have to say no to going out to brunch, going out to dinner, and going wine tasting. It sucks! I love all of those things!

Odd Job Offer

So I get a call this morning from a woman who tells me she is calling from the restaurant I applied at. “Which restaurant?’, I ask. (I’ve applied at 10, at least) She explains, then she tells me she would like to see what I look like. I ask her when she would like me to come in for an interview? She says 7. I ask, “Tomorrow morning? At 7:00 AM?”. She says, “No, tonight at 7”. I agree.

Tonight I go to the interview and mind you I have looked online at the menu, and it is pizza, pasta, and steaks. Not exactly at the price point I am used to, but I figure I will check it out, because it is located in a really nice area. I meet the owner and she hands me a menu and I almost cough because…it’s all sushi! I tell her that I looked at the menu online, and this is different! She says she just bought the restaurant three weeks ago and hasn’t changed it yet. She asks about my experience and I tell her. I look around the room and only see three tables filled. She says she would like to give me a two week trial. I tell her that honestly I don’t think I could make enough money there to be worth it for me. She looks at me and thinks and asks how much I made a week at my old job. I tell her about $500 working Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday nights. She writes this down and I can see her thinking. Then she offers to pay me a salary to cover the wages I would miss working there. I was confused and wondered if she was wanting to hire me as a manager. She explains that most of the employees there weren’t much more than kids and that she would like someone older to work there as a head server/kind of a manager. I told her I needed to think about it and promised that I would call her tomorrow.

My gut feeling says, “No, this isn’t what I was looking for at all. I love working in fine dining”. But my head keeps going around with all the posibilities. I’m going to sleep on it and see how I feel in the morning.

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