Day 5

I had an interview and a half on Monday. The interview was at a nice wine bar downtown Napa, and the half was at a gorgeous restaurant in Yountville. Both might be hiring soon, but nothing at this precise moment.

I planned to go out again today. And then I planned not to. I dunno. I felt PMS-y. Plus I had to work, then go to the bank. That part was important, I was close to being overdrawn! Then when I got home and checked the mail there were three letters from unemployment. I’m trying to understand all of that. I need to apply to CA Jobs and then go register somewhere in town and bring my SS Card and my CDL. I will be getting a decent weekly amount, but I still don’t know when I will start getting it? I hope soon or I will run out of gas money!

The plan is tomorrow to take care of the Unemployment stuff, then on Thursday make another run to Napa and apply some more.

I truly wish I could take the summer off from work. Wouldn’t that be grand!? I think it would be now, but I’d probably be bored. And, I do like money!

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