I said NO

So, I turned down the job offer for a couple of reasons. The money might have been comparable…but…she might have expected a lot of me for that. Also, I felt really proud to work at Julia’s Kitchen at Copia. I really wouldn’t feel proud to tell people where I worked if I worked there, not that it’s a bad place or anything. It just would feel like a step backwards to me. There’s a big difference between fine dining and sushi.

I had planned to go out job hunting in Napa again today, but I am really low on funds and can’t afford the gas money. Sad. It’s up to $4.19 at the Bonfare gas station on the corner. I should have my monthly fsusd auto deposit on this coming Saturday, May 31st. That is all supposed to go to bills that come out of the account automatically. I really am not sure exactly when I’ll get my first unemployment check. So, I must be careful, and as hard as it is I have to say no to going out to brunch, going out to dinner, and going wine tasting. It sucks! I love all of those things!

Odd Job Offer

So I get a call this morning from a woman who tells me she is calling from the restaurant I applied at. “Which restaurant?’, I ask. (I’ve applied at 10, at least) She explains, then she tells me she would like to see what I look like. I ask her when she would like me to come in for an interview? She says 7. I ask, “Tomorrow morning? At 7:00 AM?”. She says, “No, tonight at 7”. I agree.

Tonight I go to the interview and mind you I have looked online at the menu, and it is pizza, pasta, and steaks. Not exactly at the price point I am used to, but I figure I will check it out, because it is located in a really nice area. I meet the owner and she hands me a menu and I almost cough because…it’s all sushi! I tell her that I looked at the menu online, and this is different! She says she just bought the restaurant three weeks ago and hasn’t changed it yet. She asks about my experience and I tell her. I look around the room and only see three tables filled. She says she would like to give me a two week trial. I tell her that honestly I don’t think I could make enough money there to be worth it for me. She looks at me and thinks and asks how much I made a week at my old job. I tell her about $500 working Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday nights. She writes this down and I can see her thinking. Then she offers to pay me a salary to cover the wages I would miss working there. I was confused and wondered if she was wanting to hire me as a manager. She explains that most of the employees there weren’t much more than kids and that she would like someone older to work there as a head server/kind of a manager. I told her I needed to think about it and promised that I would call her tomorrow.

My gut feeling says, “No, this isn’t what I was looking for at all. I love working in fine dining”. But my head keeps going around with all the posibilities. I’m going to sleep on it and see how I feel in the morning.

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Day 5

I had an interview and a half on Monday. The interview was at a nice wine bar downtown Napa, and the half was at a gorgeous restaurant in Yountville. Both might be hiring soon, but nothing at this precise moment.

I planned to go out again today. And then I planned not to. I dunno. I felt PMS-y. Plus I had to work, then go to the bank. That part was important, I was close to being overdrawn! Then when I got home and checked the mail there were three letters from unemployment. I’m trying to understand all of that. I need to apply to CA Jobs and then go register somewhere in town and bring my SS Card and my CDL. I will be getting a decent weekly amount, but I still don’t know when I will start getting it? I hope soon or I will run out of gas money!

The plan is tomorrow to take care of the Unemployment stuff, then on Thursday make another run to Napa and apply some more.

I truly wish I could take the summer off from work. Wouldn’t that be grand!? I think it would be now, but I’d probably be bored. And, I do like money!

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let go, fired, downsized, not needed

Hire me, please.  Yes, today I was let go, fired, downsized.  I was advised, “I’m sorry, but I’ve been told from the new president of
Copia, Garry McGuire Jr., to let all the part-time employees go.”  I am a part-time employee, so that meant me.  This actually happened when I called in to find out what time I worked tonight.  That may seem last minute, but actually I had called yesterday, as well.  And the schedule which starts on Sunday is rarely posted until Saturday afternoon.   

So, instead of working tonight and bringing home close to $200, here I sit, blogging. 

I don’t blame my manager Joel, he’s a sweet guy, and he’s just following orders, and truly seems to feel bad about it all.  He’s willing to give me a letter of recommendation and has given me a few leads of places that are hiring.  That’s all I can ask for at the moment.

It’s unfair though, because of all the food servers at Julia’s Kitchen, I actually have the most seniority.  Even though I work part-time, I have been there the longest, since October of 2006.  I have stayed when everyone else left, through five – count them – managers. Steve, Jane, Noel, Jane again, and Joel. Also, Rose, Jazmin and Eric who were acting managers for short periods of time. Also, I have regular customers who love me.  There are two couples that come in and ask for me every Friday night.  The Curley’s, John and Cathy, and the Poliak’s, Richard and Cathy. I had special plans for them to celebrate their 100th and 200th visit respectively.  The sad thing is, I won’t even be able explain and say goodbye to them or any of my friends/co-workers. 

Whose idea was brunch? Mine! (And it’s been very successful I must say!) Who always shows up for her shifts? Me! Who has come in many times on short notice to help out? ME!

I filed for unemployment.  That was a bit confusing.  Apparently both of my part-time jobs, including the one I’m not fired from – with the school district – will pay for the unemployment that I draw.  They seemed to want to know more information from the job I still work for than for the one I was fired from.  Why?

I have almost $300 in the bank and about $23 in cash.  To last until the end of the month. 

This sucks!

The plan is:  Apply for unemployment.  Check.  Update resume.  Make copies of letters of reference.  Start applying at every fine dining restaurant in Napa. 

Do I blame the economy?  Do I blame the new president of Copia, Garry McGuire Jr.?  I really don’t know who to blame.  All I know is that as difficult and unexpected as it is, I need to find a new job and fast.  Wish me luck!

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